Rawhide Youth Services – Cafe 15 Phase 1 and 2


New London, Wisconsin

Project Type

PHASE 1: Addition

PHASE 2: Addition and Renovation

Project Area

PHASE 1:  800 sq.ft. addition

This project came about with the passing of Bart Starr and the announcement that they were going to host a celebration in his honor. Rawhide wanted a fresh and updated look for the campus and guests. A 2-story addition was placed on the front entry and the old porch was removed and replaced w/ a curved translucent canopy which features a blue-sky color panel on the outside and a white panel on the inside. This combination gave it a unique feel looking through the canopy into the sky. (2) 1 story gable end additions with new windows and stone to match the new front entrance.

PHASE 2: 3,600 sq.ft. addition and 12,600 sq.ft. renovation

The addition features a new 1 story commercial kitchen to replace the old kitchen. The existing second floor system was removed to allow for a 2 story dining room space. A 2 story fireplace was added w/ a small mezzanine dining space for private parties.